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Real Men Ask for Help. Volunteer and Be There for Them!


Founded in 1982 with the mission to end men's isolation, the goal is to provide information and resources for positive change in male roles and relationships. Included are The Fathers' Network™, Mencare®, Prostate Cancer Awareness Week and Testicular Cancer Awareness Week E-Mail


A unique undertaking in today's prison system, seeking to help prisoners and parolees discover their true destiny. 455 Capitol Mall, Ste 303, Sacramento, CA 95814 E-Mail


Changing the World One Man at a Time. Empowering men and women to their full potential, trusting that they will co-create the healthy solutions needed by society. We are an order of men called to reclaim the sacred masculine for our time through initiation, training, and action in the world. E-Mail


Founded in 1991, the Men's Health Network is an informational and educational organizatoin recognizing men's health as a specific social concern. Coalition members act as a crucial support base for the networking activities of the MHN. E-Mail


Dedicated to making a safer world, the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) is a non-profit educational organization committed to securing the birthright of male and female children and babies to keep their sexual organs intact. E-Mail

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There is no sensual pleasure in the world comparable to the delight and satisfaction that a good man takes in doing good. -- Tillotson

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Not only the Federal Government, but many corporations have reduced their charitable contributions in recent years. This means reduced services and in many cases, the elimination of services. Many men's services, like this one, are run out of our homes. We foot the bill because of our commitment to men, communities, families, relationships, etc. To keep going, and in many cases just to survive, volunteers are needed. You can make a difference. If you have a few minutes, hours, days, one-time or over a longer period of time, there is a place that can use you.

We are proud to be part of VolunteerMatch, a national non-profit system that has listings for volunteers all over the country. You pick what suits you best. (They don't have a category for "men" yet, and we're working on them.) Below, you can search for opportunities that you can do from home, like the opportunities we have. And they also list opportunities within a mile of your zip code, 6 miles, 20 miles, etc. What have you done lately?  Make a difference. It's never to late to start!



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