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Prostate Resources lists over 100 prostate resources and links regarding the prostate. See Incontinence Resources, also.

A Canadian physician has compiled this brief but instructive site on prostate cancer. It is up-to-date, and easy for the lay reader to understand.


Every Man Should Know About His Prostate, a Disease-Awareness Video presented as an educational service by Merck & Co, 1993 is valuable.

Not By Myself: Talking about prostate cancer. This educational video features Billy Davis, Jr. and wife Marilyn McCoo and addresses concerns faced by men diagnosed with prostate cancer, as well as the concerns of spouses and other family members. It includes: intimate interviews with prostate cancer patients and their families. Common reactions to diagnosis. Approacheds for coping with the emotional and physical effects of treatment. The video has a companion booklet Two Against One: A spouse's guide to coping with prostate cancer. Amgen, 2000. 877.550.9624

Prostate Cancer: Life Lines: A Guide to Life with Prostate Cancer with Barrie Cassileth, PhD Duke University Medical Center, providing valuable information addressing both symptoms and treatment options for prostate cancer. 1995. Available through TAP Medical Services, 800.622.2011.

Straight Talk about Prostate Health, 1994, HB Pictures, 75 Rockerfeller Plaza, NY NY 10019.
Uranus:  Self Anal Massage for Men, Joseph Kramer. Anal health is an important frontier to be explored. The Tabetan's have had a meditation for centuries within they massage their own prostate to keep it health. In Japan, the men have a higher incidence of the Prostate Cancer cells in their prostate but they are seldom activated into a cancerous state. This video will teach you impeccable hygiene, enemas, sphincter muscle toning, hip awakening exercises, self Rosebud massage, enlightened prostate massage, how to overcome resistance and fears, and breathing rhythms to relax the anal area. This self anal massage, besides being extremely pleasurable and erotic, can be important for men's emotional health since the anal area, especially the sphincter muscles, is the place where we hold our paranoia and fears. Total nudity. Available through Erospirit Research Institute, 800.432.3767.


Family Urology, Vol 3 No 3. Overactive Bladder: When you've got to a doctor. Brachytherapy: a promising, not-so-new treatment for prostate cancer. Coping with Urologic Disease: A family affair.

Incontinence Resoures:

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